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2008.06.17 Tuesday --
JUNSTYLE [11/24/07]
oh yeah. bullet-style for my own convenience! :3

- Labor Thanksgiving Day. For all those who are working : "thank you for your hard work!".
- A listener asked for sleep music recommendations from Jun. JUN'S advice : Brian Eno, Jazz, Sakamoto Ryuichi. But then he doesn't really listen to music before he sleep everyday. He reads instead.
- new corner : ONKOCHISHIN (somewhat like a nostalgia corner).
- for it's initial run, he presents ARASHI's 1st album : ARASHI ICHIGOU on the said corner.
- He said that the subtitle was "Arashi ha Arashi wo Yobu" which translates into "The storm calls the storm". (JUN SAID : Which person on earth cam up with that?!) ROFL.
- The guns on the album cover were all waterguns.
- Jun is quite hesitant to listen to this album nowadays because their voices were so young on that album!
- Then he played "Dangan Liner". (uwah~ I SO HEART THIS SONG.)
- He mentioned something about an idea for the 10th anniversary. :3
- Then he talked about the 'Jungle Medley' in 2004's Iza, NOW con. They were the ones who arranged the entrance of 'Dangan Liner' to 'Sawarenai'.
- YABAI corner : a soon-to-be married listener.
- Jun wished them happiness and played 'HAPPINESS'.
- ending song : ARASHI's version of 'Ultra Music Power' (is this true? can anyone rip this part only??? I'll try to look this one up on Tess-chan's vox!)
- "I felt wildness to his rebellious eyes"; Director Higuchi of Kakushin Toride said that to Jun yo!
- (this is cute!!) Jun even mentioned about Ohchan's birthday and he wonders what will he tell Ohno on his mail or if he's even going to five him one!

transcript source : chocotan~

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2008.06.17 Tuesday --

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