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2008.06.17 Tuesday --
AIBA RECOMEN [11/02/07]
bullet-style because like JUNSTYLE, he talks like soooo random. XD

* Appears to be that he is stressing the fact that this year is a very, very concert-happy year. They started the year having the 'Triumphant Return' concert thing, then the DOMEs on April and their Summer tour lasted til October.
* A listener mailed him asking when did Aiba recognized that Santa Claus is really just his parents. AIBA's answer : He did not or does not believe in Santa Claus because he receives his Christmas gifts on the 24th, because it's his birthday too.
* He hates the fact that his birthday is almost the same day as Christmas because he only receives one gift, unlike his younger brother whose birthday is on November 13.
* Then, another listener mailed him asking how many New Year's cards does he make. AIBA's answer : (I think he means that...) He's not writing so much these days. But he said that he received a card from Mitsubishi UFJ Bank last year.
* Lastly, another listener mailed him asking him what does he do during his free time. AIBA's answer : He just sleeps or watch TV and
doing UNO (oooh! I love UNO pop-up before. :D)

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2008.06.17 Tuesday --

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