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2008.06.17 Tuesday --
JUNSTYLE [11/16/07]
bullet-form, yet again. God, I hate Jun's radio show. It's so random. I might think of just sticking to Ohno's ARASHI DISCOVERY.

* He ate mango one day because he saw one on his refrigerator.
* Then he made a meal out of chicken, or was it a salad? hmm. I think he added the mango to make the food sweeter. Or something like that but he gave the recipe for what he made. (I HATE YOU JUN. you're so hard to read.)
* A listener asked for a movie recommendation. (gosh. People actually ask those kind of stuff from him... fufufufufu)
* He recently watched Tim Burton's 'Corpsebride' and Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth', and some other old Japanese movies.
* Yabai corner : The email sender asked Jun if he ever kept reptiles as a pet other than turtles. (note : Jun was given turtles as a birthday gift from Nino before.)
* Last song of the show : Pika**nchi (Pikanchi Double)
* He ranted again about the shooting of 'The Hidden Fortress'. He said that they filmed in the mountains, yet again. Clothes were still thin and shooting in such cold weather os getting tougher and tougher.

report credits : chocotan-chan's blog. :3

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also, I am glad with the good responses I have been receiving for the translations. I am getting emails too! And I love the emails and messages so please keep sending them.

@ Teru-neesan : [in connection to your reaction to my translation of last, last week's JUNSTYLE] I meant that Jun doesn't want or is unable to divulge more information about the shooting and/or the movie to the listeners, and not necessarily to the other ARASHI members. I am sorry if my translation wasn't clear enough. D:

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2008.06.17 Tuesday --

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