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2008.06.17 Tuesday --
JUNSTYLE [11/10/07]
Bullet-style. sorry. I'm late for my English class. *crosses fingers that there's no prof around*

The Hidden Fortress thoughts.
* He thinks it's extremely cold. (like Aiba-chan!)
* People were either wearing armors or thin clothes. (I think he meant the extras, or sth)
* Girls were wearing tube tops in such cold weather.
* He had a hard time learning how to mount a horse.
* Then he ranted about learning how to horse. XD
* He said that even if he really wants to tell others how the filming is going, he can't. XD
* It is wild/he has a really wild character.
* He wears straw sandals during the movie. (must hurt to be a peasant!)
* Then, he ranted about how his toes were slipping out of the sandals. (rofl.)

Other things
* He started a new segment or sth like that in his show, Yabai corner. It is where listeners could share there 'yabai' moments. :3
* He ended the show by playing 'Love So Sweet' and said that soon enough 2007 will end and the coming year is something he looks forward to, because of 'The Hidden Fortress' and 'Hana Yori Dango : movie'.

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pictures on the shooting here yo --> http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=285652388
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2008.06.17 Tuesday --

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